Being Aware of the Moments that Shift Our Lives

As I prepared to write my three pieces for this brand-new book I’m part of ~ 365 Life Shifts: Pivotal Moments That Changed Everything, I wondered how I would approach the theme. Our lives shift each day and even each moment, but are we paying attention? What shifts could I write about that would hold the greatest meaning for me and for other readers?

The three pieces I’ve written, “Taking a Chance on a New Route,” “The Beauty of My Present Reality,” and “Opening Doors to a New World” all describe events throughout my life that have really changed my mindset and changed my perspective. From high school through the present, the ordinary events I describe take on special meaning as reflected upon their positive impact in my life. For example, in “Taking a Chance on a New Route,” I describe how discovering a new route to work changed my perspective on that job for my remaining time there. If I had not taken time to reflect on that choice, it’s meaning would be lost when, in reality, it shifted my perspective not only on my job but on many places in my life where I felt like I was stuck.

These stories are just three among 365 inspiring personal stories from more than 250 beautiful writers from all around the world! The hope is, that after reading these stories, we are all inspired to be aware of and embrace the shifts in our own lives.

If you want to read my pieces – and 362 others – I hope you’ll check out this wonderful book. It makes a great gift for friends, family, and anyone else who loves to be inspired and amazed…including yourself! To learn more about the book and purchase your copy, please click here:

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5 Ways Clearing Your Clutter Will Transform Your Life

5 Ways Clearing Your Clutter Will Transform Your Life

When I came home this evening and looked at my desk, I could feel my energy level sinking into an abyss. Hadn’t I just cleared it over the weekend? How could so much paper seem to re-accumulate AND multiply? As I sat down to contemplate the “stuff” on my desk, I realized how chaotic my thoughts had been this week. I hadn’t really stuck to a single project to get it done, I hadn’t taken care of little tasks that would take only a few minutes if I just started and finished them without doing a million other things in between. I began to see that what was missing was clarity and purpose.

How often do we accumulate things because we are not clear on our purpose or the true reason for having those objects? Many times, clutter clearing revolves around our stuff… things that we don’t use, need or love. And getting rid of things so our spaces can look and feel nice. There are also deeper reasons why we should clear our clutter, and, in doing so, transform our lives in more lasting ways. Continue reading

5 Ways Being a Soul Coach Will Transform Your Life

5 Ways Being a Soul Coach Will Transform Your Life

After I started my Interior Alignment® feng shui studies, I became aware of another program that was also created by Denise Linn. It fascinated me because I felt as if this coaching program would assist me with my feng shui clients in making mindset changes to support and balance the changes they would make in their spaces. Little did I know that becoming a Soul Coach would be a remarkably transformative experience for me.

Being trained as a Soul Coach has changed my life in so many ways – some immeasurable and inexplicable. I am always excited for my clients when I witness their transformation as well.

Below are just a few ways in which becoming a Soul Coach can transform your life. Continue reading

Connecting with the Energy of the Seasons

Connecting with the Energy of the Seasons

Growing up, I often wondered, sometimes with annoyance, why my mother would change the family room curtains and kitchen linens at the start of every season and for holidays. Though our home looked and felt wonderful, I never understood why it was necessary to make these changes four times per year plus holidays. It wasn’t until years later that I made the connection when I learned about creating sacred space through my Interior Alignment® Feng Shui studies. Here, I learned what I had observed my whole life – that synching with the seasons can bring more energy to your home and your life.

One of the ways we can bring more balance to our lives is to bring the energy of the elements into our home. In general these days, we are not as connected to the earth and its cycles as our ancestors were. I know people who get up early each day, get into their garage-kept car, drive to work, park in an underground garage, and work in an office building with windows that don’t open, then drive back home into their garage at night. Continue reading

Inviting Grace into Our Lives: 365 Moments of Grace

Inviting Grace into Our Lives: 365 Moments of Grace

This month, I am honored to be part of a collaborative book project that includes stories by more than 250 authors describing how moments of grace were present in their lives.

While there are many definitions of the word grace, to me, they all have this in common – that grace relates to being in and going with the flow of life. So, whether you are physically moving with elegance through a situation, or shifting with life’s changes through unexpected circumstances, it is how you act and react to your life experiences that demonstrate aspects of receiving grace in every phase of your life. Continue reading

Mirroring our Changing Lives in Our Homes

As we move toward little signs of spring (like the 70 degree weather predicted for next week), surely all the snow will melt and many people will begin talk of spring cleaning and organizing. The change of the seasons is an awesome time to shift the energy in your home by giving it a good, thorough cleaning. Along with that cleaning, it’s also a great time to get rid of things you no longer use, need, want, nor bring you joy. These things are clutter.

What pushes something into the category of clutter? And what types of clutter are we talking about? Imagine you are walking through a store and see a beautiful art work that you fall completely in love with and must have it in your home. Do you have any in your home now or any other similar object?

Well, each day as our experiences and knowledge change, so do we. That art work that we fell so in love with may not speak to us in the same way anymore. Or, if we were with a friend or partner when we bought it, then had a falling out with that person, we may only remember the bad parts of the relationship when we gaze upon the picture now. Continue reading

Fill Your Home with Gratitude (and Abundance!)

One way to attract more abundance into our lives is to be truly grateful for what we already have! Are there ways to sort and arrange the objects in our homes that reflect this gratitude? Check out these tips creating goals and guidelines about what to surround ourselves with to increase the energy of gratitude in our homes and attract even more abundance into our lives!

What is gratitude? Gratitude is a feeling of thankfulness and being thankful occurs when you are glad that something has or has not happened, or that something or someone exists, etc. (according to Merriam-Webster at When you look around your home and examine your life, have you surrounded yourself with things that you are grateful for? Do the people, objects and activities in your life bring you joy, delight, or satisfaction?

What emotions do you relate to gratitude/a state of gratefulness/thankfulness? When you look around your space, does what you see bring up the emotions that you relate to gratitude? Continue reading

How I Find Joy Even in the Midst of Life’s Chaos

Joy is…. Getting Real! Joy-is...-Getting-Real-CultivatingJoy

There are times in our lives when we get so caught up in the chaos of life, that we get sucked into that chaos and forget the little things that can bring joy into our lives. Think of all the emotions and feelings that chaos can bring – fear, stress, mistrust in the future, worry, and more.

A few years ago, at work, I found myself caught up in nearly all of these emotions, and it took a few words from another person to snap my mind out of the vortex of chaos and provide me with the distance and perspective to reflect and re-evaluate not just my situation but the emotions I attached to the chaos. I truly understood that it was the emotions and feelings I attached to the chaos that was bringing unhappiness to my life. Continue reading

Becoming Our Own Hero: Lessons Learned from a Disney Princess

“I am Merida, and I’ll be shooting for my own hand.” ~ Merida, BRAVE, 2012

How often do we feel like we need to be rescued? Where do we look to find solutions to our problems? In the movie Brave, Princess Merida decides to “fight the system” and compete for her own hand in marriage. Against her mother’s wishes, she participates in and wins the archery competition between the young men from the other clans whose families accepted the invitation to marry the young princess. What lesson can we learn from this character? What is it about Merida and her actions that can teach us to be brave in our own lives?

During the story, Merida feels the most freedom when she is out in nature, living in the moment on her “princess duty-free” days. Here, we learn the importance of maintaining our connection with nature, of learning to appreciate every moment, and to bask in the joy that each day brings. Even after her mom is turned into a bear, the pair experiences the most joy when out in nature enjoying each moment together. How can living in the present make us a hero? Continue reading

Helping Children Create Balance in Their Lives Through Feng Shui

Is your child’s room a mess? Does he or she struggle with finding things, including their bed? It is important that we empower our children to create supportive and nurturing spaces for themselves. Below are some points to keep in mind when creating spaces that help your children to feel safe, supported, and on the way to manifesting their dreams.

Characteristics of our children’s rooms should mirror those of your room too. Your child should feel safe in the space, not only physically but emotionally as well. They should feel like all of their needs are being met. The rooms should make connections to nature and reflect what is more important or sacred to that child. Continue reading