5 Ways a Vision Seed Map will help You Create Your Dream Future

5 Ways a Vision Seed Map will help You Create Your Dream Future

A vision seed map is more than simply a visualization tool where you can see pictures of the things you want in your life. It can be a powerful manifestation tool that plants the seeds of your dream future. The process of creating a vision seed map can be quite intentional and ceremonial.

During my Soul Coaching® Certification course, Denise Linn led us through a beautiful Soul Journey (special guided visualization) during which we imagined the limitless possibilities for our future. Afterwards, with reflection and in silence, we chose images, colors, and words from magazines, cards, posters and more to be placed on the vision seed map. Once the images were cut and arranged just right on the board, I glued them down. After the maps were completed, we discussed interpretations of the placement of images and symbols on our boards. A final meditation activated the energy of the board and planted the seeds of our future possibilities.

What does it mean to seed your future? And how does a board with images, symbols and words on it help you to create your dream future?

Here are just 5 ways that a Vision Seed Map will help you Create Your Dream Future:

1. Gaining clarity assists in the process of attracting and manifesting that which you desire.

The guided meditation and time for reflection facilitate the process of gaining clarity about what you desire. And even if you cannot put into words everything that you desire, the images and symbols that you are attracted to will assist in bringing forward the feelings that you wish to attract in the future.

2. You will create a map that represents how you would like to feel in your dream future.

Even if you are not clear on exactly how you would like things to look. And each time you see your board, the feelings it represents will be re-activated. The more you can place yourself in this emotional space, the more the vision will be attracted to you.

3. Images provide visual cues to your subconscious about what you desire in your life.

Every image in your home, whether you are conscious of it or not, provides reinforcement of what you desire in your life. So, if you desire a new relationship in your life, yet every image in your home is of a single/solitary figure, you are reinforcing the energy of oneness in your life. Likewise, what you see on your vision seed map will plant itself in your subconscious as the possibilities that await you in your life.

4. Give yourself a gift that will continue to attract what you desire.

How often do we begin with an idea or a goal, then life seems to get in the way? Do your dreams fall to the back burner? With a vision seed map that you have infused your energy and love into, you are giving yourself a gift that will continue to attract what you desire. Even better, each time you look at your vision board, you are re-activating and energizing it and reinforcing that which you desire.

5. Finally, a vision seed map reminds us to nurture that which we desire.

In most cases, dreams don’t magically materialize overnight. It takes time, energy, attention, and intention to grow our dreams. And with this, we must take action steps towards achieving our dreams. The vision seed map can assist us in knowing how to move forward to focus on the details of our dreams.

Creating a Vision Seed Map will assist us in many ways, not just the ones mentioned above. They help us to focus in on the details of our dreams so that we manifest what we desire. The laws of the Universe are always working to give us exactly what we ask for so it’s best to ask for exactly what we desire in our lives.

Creating a vision seed map and activating it were just parts of the magical training I received to become a Soul Coach. I am fortunate and honored to have been trained by my mentor and teacher, Denise Linn, founder of the International Institute of Soul Coaching®, to be a Soul Coaching® Trainer. Coming soon, I will be offering a 5-weekend certification course to train new Soul Coaches. If you are interested in immersing yourself in this life changing certification course, you can learn more here or contact me directly to schedule a time to talk about it. I’d be glad to answer any questions.

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