Felicia is one of the very few individuals worldwide who I have personally chosen to carry the Soul Coaching® legacy into the future through training and certifying professional Soul Coaches. She is an extraordinary Soul Coaching® Master Practitioner and Certified Soul Coaching® Trainer. She’s attained the highest level of Soul Coaching® training and is one of a select group of individuals I have personally trained in my special method of coaching. She creates safe, nurturing environments for discovering the soul’s truth and those who attend her events experience remarkable transformations in their lives.

Felicia is a remarkable and compassionate Soul Coach. She creates a safe and nurturing environment for discovering your soul’s truth!

– Denise Linn, Founder, International Institute of Soul Coaching®
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Felicia is graceful and wise. It is a pleasure just to be in her modest presence. She emanates beauty, and has a great passion toward her work. Thank you, Felicia, for your grounding, yet uplifting and inspiring demeanor.
– Alecia K., RHN – Holistic Nutritionist, Reiki Master, CANADA (Calgary, AB)
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Felicia’s gentle presence holds a most wonderful space for deep and profound healing. I whole-heartedly thank her for her guidance and support. With deepest love & gratitude,
– Diana Harrington, Business Manager, Rockport, Texas, USA
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It has been a wonderful experience and an honor to have worked with Felicia as a Soul Coach and a Past Life Coach. She is a very compassionate, calm and centered practitioner who offers a safe and nurturing environment for those who are searching to make deeper connections with their inner souls.
– Vivian Bittencourt, Holistic Practitioner, Flower and Gem Essences Practitioner, Sao Paulo, BRAZIL
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Quiet strength emanates from Felicia as she works with people. Her mild manner inspires trust and confidence. She is very knowledgeable and effective in helping one hear their inner voice.
– Holly D., Business Owner, Huntington Beach, California, USA
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It has been my honor to have been on this journey with Felicia. She is, in every way, a fantastic Soul Coach. Felicia has amazing insight, patience and a phenomenal gift of quiet listening – and in doing so, brings me to the very core of my being.
– Sharon Prosser, Certified Gateway Dreaming Practitioner, The Awakened Healing Arts Studio, CANADA
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Felicia cleared my space with a Native American drum and took me on a journey where I received a message to an issue I have been concerned about for a while. She was very smooth, her method was never invasive and I felt comfortable and safe throughout.
Thank you Felicia.
– Maria Mamanidis, Executive Assistant, Sydney, AUSTRALIA
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I had a very revealing card reading with Felicia. She has a great presence for holding the space during the reading. I also felt she was very intuitive. I would highly recommend Felicia if you need soul guidance, whether it be for a card reading, coaching, or Past Life Regression.
– Kris, Pet Care Professional, California, USA
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Felicia has many talents and I was fortunate to work with her and gain great insights. As a soul coach, her wisdom about both personal and professional challenges allows clients to become highly attuned to solve many issues with ease.
– Susannah Spanton, Reiki Master Teacher, Brookhaven, Pennsylvania, USA
Butterfly, ankh
Felicia is an amazing coach and a beautiful soul. Her heart sings through everything she does. Her voice is soothing and warm. Her gentle compassion awakes in you an inner safeness that allows you to reach your inner knowing with the simple grace of an angel. I highly recommend Felicia to anyone needing an inner clearing and/or guidance with who they really are.
– Michele Elder, RN, BSN, Portland, Oregon, USA
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Felicia is a compassionate soul who has the ability to create sacred space for clients to go on life-changing journeys. I watched as she worked with my friend gently guiding her to get the answers to help my friend get the exact answers she was looking for. Great job Felicia!
– Cory Westby Loos, Speech-Language Pathologist, Washington, USA
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My Feng Shui consultation was a lot of fun, and I was delighted to find confirmation for many of our choices in setting up the studio. I can’t wait to see how things improve when we complete the simple steps that Felicia recommended!
– Ginger Marcus, Holistic Dynamic, Upper Marlboro, Maryland, USA