Mirroring our Changing Lives in Our Homes

Mirroring our Changing Lives in Our Homes

As we move toward little signs of spring (like the 70 degree weather predicted for next week), surely all the snow will melt and many people will begin talk of spring cleaning and organizing. The change of the seasons is an awesome time to shift the energy in your home by giving it a good, thorough cleaning. Along with that cleaning, it’s also a great time to get rid of things you no longer use, need, want, nor bring you joy. These things are clutter.

What pushes something into the category of clutter? And what types of clutter are we talking about? Imagine you are walking through a store and see a beautiful art work that you fall completely in love with and must have it in your home. Do you have any in your home now or any other similar object?

Well, each day as our experiences and knowledge change, so do we. That art work that we fell so in love with may not speak to us in the same way anymore. Or, if we were with a friend or partner when we bought it, then had a falling out with that person, we may only remember the bad parts of the relationship when we gaze upon the picture now.

What thoughts go through your mind if I were to suggest that it is time to let that artwork go? Do you hold on because you knew you liked it once? Do you think about the money you spent on it? Does it make you feel guilty when you think about getting rid of it? Or, do you have other thoughts that make you want to hold onto it?

Every item that we have in our homes and even where we have placed them in our homes represents our mindset and energy at the time of placement. When we change and our homes don’t, we become out of sync. Your home is meant to be your sanctuary, a mirror of your life, and certainly not stagnant.

How can you determine what is no longer in sync with your life? Imagine what feelings you’d like to have in your home, the type of life you would like to have and the person you want to become – now, in 2 years, in 5 years and even in 10 years. Take a fresh look at the items, furniture, colors and design of your home. Will each item carry you into the future, or hold you in the past? Will the things that you look at bring you joy, gratitude and happiness, or hold you to emotions that you want to move beyond?

In order to move forward, we need to shed what no longer works and plant seeds for the future. Here are some quick tips to get started on deciding what should stay and what needs to go?

  1. Reflect upon an intention or goal for the clutter clearing (Example: Clearing to make room for a new job, or new relationship, or more abundance)
  1. Create an affirmation to keep you on track (Example: I am clearing out the clutter to bring more abundance into my life.)
  1. Target the feelings you will have when you achieve your goal/intention.
  1. When you reflect upon the object, does it bring forth similar feelings?

Then, when you are finished, take time to reflect upon the changes you’ve made through moving, shifting and clearing different areas of your home. Does the space more accurately mirror your life? How does it make you feel?

2 Responses to Mirroring our Changing Lives in Our Homes

  1. Vanessa says:

    Hi Felicia + thanks for the clutter clearing reminder. I always know I’m going through a big change when I start clearing + rearranging my home. I’ll put your tips in play this weekend as I start my spring cleaning, thanks again!

  2. Jesse Webb says:

    Awesome tips, Felicia! I am feeling that spring cleaning bug a bit and now I’m feeling even MORE inspired to dive in and create space for what I want in my life. I love the piece about feeling how I want to feel, seeing who I want to be, and having things in my home that match that feeling and beingness. Excited to put this into action! 🙂

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