Inviting Grace into Our Lives: 365 Moments of Grace

Inviting Grace into Our Lives: 365 Moments of Grace

This month, I am honored to be part of a collaborative book project that includes stories by more than 250 authors describing how moments of grace were present in their lives.

While there are many definitions of the word grace, to me, they all have this in common – that grace relates to being in and going with the flow of life. So, whether you are physically moving with elegance through a situation, or shifting with life’s changes through unexpected circumstances, it is how you act and react to your life experiences that demonstrate aspects of receiving grace in every phase of your life.

grace-cover-1-768x967Within the covers of this book are 365 short, inspirational and true accounts of how we recognized grace in our lives. One of the three pieces that I contributed relates an account of how I recognized one particular moment of grace during my journey healing from cancer this past year. It is only through recognizing blessings of grace that we see the beauty in all parts of our lives.

When 365 Moments of Grace was released on June 21, 2016, it became a #1 international best-seller and was in the #1 spot in seven Amazon categories:

#1 in Movers & Shakers in both US and Canada (out of every book sold)
#1 in New Age & Spirituality/Self-Help
#1 New Release in New Age & Spirituality/Self-Help
#1 New Release in New Age & Spirituality/Mental & Spiritual Healing
#1 in Spirituality – Canada
#1 New Release in Spirituality – Canada

This collaborative book project would not have been possible without Jodi Chapman and Dan Teck. Here’s what they have said about this book:

“This is the second book in the 365 Book Series – the follow-up to the Amazon #1 bestseller, 365 Ways to Connect with Your Soul. This second book is called 365 Moments of Grace, and that’s exactly what it contains: one true-life, grace-filled story for each day of the year, describing the authors’ firsthand experiences with grace. The pieces are contributed by over 250 authors from all around the world, sharing moments from their lives in which they encountered grace – miracles, epiphanies, and glimpses of the Divine. These experiences cover a wide range of topics – including divine intervention, near-death experiences, messages from beyond, and everyday moments that were infused with extraordinary soulfulness. All of the stories are intended to uplift, inspire, and remind you of just how magical our world is and how connected we truly are.

Grace means something different to everyone. To us, grace is synonymous with miracles. It’s evidence of our connection to our soul and to this magical world that we live in. It’s our connection to God/Source. It’s both the intangible knowing that we aren’t ever really alone, mixed with the tangible signs that we experience every single day. We define grace as presents from the universe that let us know how loved we are, how loving our world is, and how connected we are to All That Is.

Here are just a few examples of how grace can show up in our lives:

  • surrendering fully to God/the Universe and immediately feeling light and free
  • receiving signs from loved ones on the other side
  • listening to your intuition and later seeing how well it guided you
  • having a near-death experience
  • being in nature and feeling a sense of awe and wonder
  • having a powerful dream that gave you clarity about your life
  • experiencing an “a-ha moment” that helped you see the world in a different way
  • having your prayer answered
  • looking into a loved one’s eyes feeling completely seen

One of the things we love about this book is that it shows hundreds of ways that grace can show up in so many different types of experience: happy, poignant, miraculous, tragic, and even everyday experiences that reveal deeper dimensions of life. We each experience grace differently, yet each experience is equally magical.”

Click here to order your copy of “365 Moments of Grace”.

Enjoy and celebrate the moments of grace in your life!

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