About Felicia

Felicia DHaitiHave you ever felt like your life was spiralling out of control? That you couldn’t keep up with all of your obligations? That there is just so much going on, you wonder how you committed yourself to so many things, which are the most important things and how to make your life better and more joyful?

Several years ago, I was exhausted and overwhelmed. I felt obligated to finish a dissertation I’d been “writing” for 10 years, working in a job in which I was unfulfilled with three young children and a husband who worked rotating shifts. I was overwhelmed with school, work, family and organizations to which I belonged and played an active part. I found less and less time to take care of myself. I was off-balance. So trapped in the daily routine and in the business of life, I didn’t even see myself becoming unhappy… but then one day, it hit me. WHAT AM I DOING? WHY AM I NOT HAPPY?

During some coaching focused on my career, my coach asked me to make a list of all the things that bring me joy. After making the list, I was to do some research and find which career most closely matched my list. Though I doubted that I would actually find anything, I did. During my research, I discovered Denise Linn’s School of Interior Alignment®.

The study of Interior Alignment® included feng shui, space clearing, photography, color, aromatherapy, astrology, numerology, Reiki and many more things that fascinated me. THAT WAS IT! I connected with one of Denise’s Master Teachers and started an intensive program of study. Underlying the study was a foundational thread of how objects and energies affect us and our environments. My love of this study led me to study more of Denise Linn’s work Soul Coaching® – where we clear out the mental, emotional and physical clutter in our lives and Gateway Dreaming™– where we examine the messages in our dreams.

While going through these trainings, I applied their principles to my own life. I got rid of clutter in my home. I had a feng shui consultation. The day after I made recommendations from the consultation, I was called for a job interview. AHA! It worked.

The more I delved into this new work, the more at peace I felt, the more balance I was able to bring into my life and to the lives of those around me. I knew how awesome I was beginning to feel and how much easier and more joyful my life was becoming. Then, it hit me…. MY MISSION is to help other women to clear the clutter in all aspects of their lives in order to live more joyful and balanced lives while moving beyond perfectionism, fear, and self-imposed limitations!

Looking back, I realize that I have always been interested in how to arrange space to change the feel of a room. As a child, I was constantly changing the arrangement of my room. And even now, my husband and children come home to find furniture moved, artwork changed, and on occasion, even the colors of the walls different from when they left home!

One of my major goals in working with a client is to help them to uncover all that is preventing them from living the life of their dreams without judgement. I use the knowledge and experience gained through my training but also from the changes I’ve made in my own life to help others create positive change in their lives using tools and techniques tailored to each person’s needs.

Contact me now to find out how we can create change in your life!

Most Recent Major Certifications:

Soul Coaching® Trainer, 2016, Denise Linn
Soul Coaching® Master Practitioner, 2016, Denise Linn
Advanced Interior Alignment® and Medicine Wheel Feng Shui™ Teacher, 2016, LuAnn Cibik
Master Intuitive Coach®, 2015, Master Intuitive Coach® Institute, Colette Baron-Reid
Advanced Soul Coaching®
, 2014, International Institute of Soul Coaching®, Denise Linn
Interior Alignment® Teacher, 2013, International Institute of Interior Alignment®, LuAnn Cibik
Soul Coaching® Master Oracle Card Practitioner, 2012, Denise Linn
Past Life Coach, 2012, International Institute of Soul Coaching®, Denise Linn
Medicine Wheel Feng Shui™, 2011, International Institute of Interior Alignment®, LuAnn Cibik
Gateway Dreaming™ Practitioner, 2011, Denise Linn
Usui Reiki III Master/Teacher, 2009, Spiritual Essence Yoga, Dana Smith
Level 1 Hatha Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training, 2008, Spiritual Essence Yoga, Dana Smith