5 Ways Clearing Your Clutter Will Transform Your Life

5 Ways Clearing Your Clutter Will Transform Your Life

When I came home this evening and looked at my desk, I could feel my energy level sinking into an abyss. Hadn’t I just cleared it over the weekend? How could so much paper seem to re-accumulate AND multiply? As I sat down to contemplate the “stuff” on my desk, I realized how chaotic my thoughts had been this week. I hadn’t really stuck to a single project to get it done, I hadn’t taken care of little tasks that would take only a few minutes if I just started and finished them without doing a million other things in between. I began to see that what was missing was clarity and purpose.

How often do we accumulate things because we are not clear on our purpose or the true reason for having those objects? Many times, clutter clearing revolves around our stuff… things that we don’t use, need or love. And getting rid of things so our spaces can look and feel nice. There are also deeper reasons why we should clear our clutter, and, in doing so, transform our lives in more lasting ways.

Though there are many ways in which clearing your clutter can transform your life, here are just 5:

1. Gaining Clarity on Who You Are:

In order to get rid of what doesn’t serve us, we need to examine who we are and where we would like to be in our lives in the next few months and years. Once we become clear, we can remove physical things from our lives that do not reflect nor support who we feel we really are. When we surround ourselves with objects that support our vision of who we are and who we are becoming, we gain clarity and comfort in our life path.

2. Learning to Say “No”:

Many times, our lives can become cluttered because we can’t say “no” to others. We accept gifts, projects, and tasks because we don’t know how to say “no” or we feel guilty saying “no”. Then, days, months, and even sometimes years later, we are still looking at those things we committed to but that don’t bring us joy. How many unfinished projects have we tucked away in the closet or under the bed, hoping that by not seeing them, we don’t feel their burden in our lives any longer. Well, now’s the time to just say “no”. Connect to what brings you joy and evaluate what needs to go. Then, let it go – without guilt.

3. Be More Joyful:

How much time do we lose looking for misplaced items, or cleaning all the things that we own? What if we owned only the things that truly brought joy to our lives? When you look around your home, your energy should be uplifted. Every item you choose to keep should help you to bring in the emotions that you desire in your life. Why cloud your energy field with things that depress your energy, or make you think of regrets, guilt, should’s or other things that add unnecessary weight to your being and your life.

4. Be Present:

Truly experiencing an event in our lives requires that we be mentally, emotionally and physically present in that moment. If we are thinking of our “to do” lists, or what event is happening next, or who we haven’t gotten back to today, we can’t be fully experiencing the present moment. Sometimes, I feel like I will never get done with my “to do” list. It’s during those times that I take a good look at the list and determine what REALLY needs to be done. Often times, much of the list can be delegated or deleted so I can get back to the things that really matter.

5. A New Perspective on Self-Care:

When we surround ourselves with energy that supports our dreams and desires, we are taking care of our WHOLE BEING. Can you imagine having a sanctuary in your home where you only see, feel, smell and sense things that bring great joy and healing to your life and the lives of those who live with you? Creating a home that nourishes and supports your whole being is one of the most important actions that you can take for yourself today!

It is possible to create a life where clutter doesn’t magically multiply in our midst! The benefits created by clearing away our mental, emotional and physical clutter are immeasurable and will open doors to new opportunities and an abundance of what we desire in our lives. Clearing clutter can be broken down into easy-to-accomplish tasks that can assist you gaining more clarity, joy and overall wellness while releasing guilt and other emotions that do not serve our highest good. Once we release this weight that does not support us, our lives can bloom more fully.

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