5 Ways Being a Soul Coach Will Transform Your Life

5 Ways Being a Soul Coach Will Transform Your Life

After I started my Interior Alignment® feng shui studies, I became aware of another program that was also created by Denise Linn. It fascinated me because I felt as if this coaching program would assist me with my feng shui clients in making mindset changes to support and balance the changes they would make in their spaces. Little did I know that becoming a Soul Coach would be a remarkably transformative experience for me.

Being trained as a Soul Coach has changed my life in so many ways – some immeasurable and inexplicable. I am always excited for my clients when I witness their transformation as well.

Below are just a few ways in which becoming a Soul Coach can transform your life.

Soul Coaching® will:

1. Allow you to take a step back and view the turning points of your life.

Taking a bird’s eye view of these turning points gives you a completely different perspective, seeing the good in each situation that has shaped your path and changing the emotions you assign to these events, if they are less than empowering.

It is also when we take a step back that we can more clearly see what path we want to create ahead of us.

2. Awaken your potential to all that you have become and who you may become in the future.

Soul Coaching® has provided a pathway for me to peel back the layers of clutter (mental, emotional, spiritual and physical) that were holding me back from becoming who I am truly meant to be. My experiences have encouraged me to more actively seek the type of life I would like to create.

3. Encourage you to release victim-thinking and actively CHOOSE your circumstances and life choices.

For me, there were times when I found it easy to blame outside circumstances for me not reaching my goals. Becoming a Soul Coach taught me to release victim-thinking, be more present and aware of my circumstances and become more proactive in designing my life, regardless of the circumstances that were thrown my way. Becoming a Soul Coach is an extremely empowering experience!

Awaken your potential!

4. Help you overcome recurring fears by teaching you to face your fears.

This is done through exercises during which you can again take a bird’s eye view of your fear, dissect it and create a pathway to move forward, in spite of yourself.

5. Assist in growing inner peace by teaching you to open up to the beauty of the world.

You connect with the seasons and cycles of life and turning all of this flowing energy into creating sacred spaces within your being and your physical space through clearing out what does not support you and your path in life.

By opening up to what you will learn in Soul Coaching®, you are not only able to assist clients and facilitate growth for others but you experience amazing growth and transformation in so many areas of your own life. You experience more of this growth and transformation each time you work with a client and it is a beautiful process that leads you deeper into your own growth as you assist others in theirs.

If you would like to explore being a Soul Coach, I am teaching a new Soul Coaching® Practitioner Professional Certification Program. Contact me for information about future courses, please contact me.

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