5 Feng Shui Strategies to Promote Wellness in Your Life

5 Feng Shui Strategies to Promote Wellness in Your Life

Have you ever walked into a physical space where you felt safe, supported and nurtured? Did you stop to consider why the space made you feel this way? Now, consider your home and how you feel in your spaces there. Imagine creating a space where you can be physically, emotionally and spiritually safe and cared for. Living in a safe and supportive environment is a key to providing many things in our lives, including physical and emotional wellness. While there are many things you can change in your home to create a safe and nurturing space, let’s take a look at just 5 ways to create a home that supports many aspects of wellness in our lives.

1. Remove the Clutter

Before you can think about bringing things into your space or moving objects around, determine if there are objects in your home that you do not love or use. When you look around your spaces, do you like what you see? Everything in our environment has an impact on how we think and feel. Especially consider objects that have been in your environment for a long time. These objects often blend into the background of our consciousness, and we no longer actively “see” them. Yet, they still have an impact on our energy and how we feel in our spaces. If you surround yourself with objects that do not elevate your energy, consider moving or removing them.

2. Make Your Bedroom a Sanctuary

What are the first things you see when you wake up and the last things you see when you go to sleep? When balancing the energy in your bedroom, consider the primary function of the room along with how you envision your future life. Reduce the number of distractions in the room. Create a place where you can recharge from your day, physically and mentally by surrounding yourself with colors, fabrics and images that uplift your energy. Place a vision board or inspirational poster in your direct line of sight so it is the last object you see when going to sleep or the first upon waking.

3. Nurturing the Heart of Your Home

Another area in your home vital to promoting your overall wellness is your kitchen. Of course, preparing food relates to our physical wellness. There is a great deal, though, that we can consider when preparing our food. Keeping our kitchens clean and clutter free are the first steps in creating a supportive kitchen area. Putting love and care into our food and its preparation adds to how well it nourishes us. When creating a nurturing kitchen, consider your table settings as mini-altars honoring your food and its source.

4. Bring the Energy of the Elements and Seasons into Your Home

Ideally, we would all experience lives during which we spent ample time in nature and were able to experience the harmony of nature first hand. Bringing these energies into our homes will increase our sense of peace and harmony, will uplift our energy and promote a sense of wellbeing. Bringing the elements of nature into our homes could be as simple as opening the windows, or bringing in some stones, pinecones, flowers or other objects we find outside into our homes.

5. Use Scents to Uplift the Energy in Your Home

When you think back to the most enjoyable or uplifting time of your life, what smell comes to mind? Did you enjoy any favorite foods growing up that represent to you family, safety or abundance? Tap into these feelings and their associated scents. Use them to uplift the energy of your home. When you envision your life two or ten years from now, create an entire image. Think about how your life will look, how it will feel and associate those images and feelings with your senses. What would you see, hear, smell, touch and taste?

There are a myriad of ways that we can promote and enhance wellness in our lives. Connecting to and changing the energy in our homes is one way to create a stable foundation from which we can make many mindset and other actionable changes in our lives to create an inner and outer environment that is safe, secure and nurturing and that promotes wellness in our lives.

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